This Valentines Day Play Around On A Fun Date At Ruckers Saskatoon

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The perfect one-stop shop for kids and kids at heart, Ruckers Saskatoon offers all the latest and greatest family amusement games in two convenient locations. Favourite games like Deal or No Deal, Stinky Feet, Strike Zone, Wheel of Fortune, and Platinum Heights are great to test your gaming skills on. This indoor family amusement experience is entertaining every time you visit with new games added regularly. In our latest Fudds news we share our thoughts on Ruckers as the perfect date experience!

Date At Ruckers

This Valentines Day Treat Your Sweetheart To A Date At Ruckers!

Remember the fun times you had at the arcade when you were a kid? Why not turn back time and play with your date as if you were kids again?

Visit either of our 2 Ruckers arcades and hit the games you used to play in the old days and find some new ones too! A date at Ruckers is a guaranteed win!

Here are some tips to make the Ruckers as fun as it was when you were kids:

  • Choose games that you can play together – rather than against each other or solo. Two player games are always a winner. This means that if your partner is not a strong player, you can help them grasp the game
  • Play old school games. Look for games that your date recognizes and gets nostalgic about – you’ll know these when your date sees them–and it’s a great conversation starter too!
  • Choose your redemption prizes together—it’s fun to shop with your winnings!
  •  Afterwards, you can always keep the youthfulness going – go grab yourselves everything from an ice-cream, shakes, burgers or just a slice of pie at Fuddruckers …just sayin’!



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